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Why is Facebook & Instagram boosting important?

Now a days constant Facebook updates, just posting free, unprompted content won’t cut the butter and won't reach to your desired audience.

Boosted posts help your posts perform better.

With Facebook’s current algorithm, 2% or less of your followers are actually seeing your organic Facebook posts.

Boosted posts make it easier to reach your target audience.

Along with being able to target your current followers and their friends, you are now able to target and exclude behaviors and interests, demographics, geography, and more to reach your ideal audience.

When an ad has social context – in other words, when a person sees their friend likes your business – your ads drive, on average, 50 percent more recall and 35 percent higher online sales lift.

We recommend experimenting with both Facebook Ads and Boosted Posts to see how they perform for you. Start with a small budget, and if you like the results, increase it over time.

Proper Engagement

A post should not be boosted solely for the sake of obtaining a bunch of likes. Likes are a type of engagement, and engagement is good! However, proper engagement with your posts is the result you should aim for.

What is proper engagement?

Proper engagement is when people in your target audience are liking the post, asking questions about it, tagging friends in the comments, or sharing the post. It’s when they are taking action that helps to grow your business, such as filling out lead forms, visiting landing pages, visiting your website, or even converting into customers.

When you pay Facebook to promote your posts, you increase your visibility on newsfeeds and across Facebook—to those most likely to be interested in your business.

Even Facebook business pages with 100k followers pay. Facebook targeting is so effective that it can help even large businesses to reach new audiences.
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