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Website Creation

A brand’s website is a vital business tool; it is both the visual introduction to potential clients and the method of converting interested consumers to purchasers. It is important to ensure a brand's website is both aesthetically appealing and highly functional. By building your site to include SEO friendly copy, engaging imagery, and simple to use functionality, your website will be more effective at driving sales.

Your website is your storefront these days, and while attractive design is important, functionality is more than skin deep. The user experience and how the site interacts with search engines are equally important components of superior website design. A quality website is engineered to maximize communication, search-ability and conversion.

Wix is a best-of-breed platform for building beautiful, highly flexible and customizable websites. Wix uses a customizable template system which significantly decreases budget and development time for a new website. Wix uses responsive design principles to ensure that your website is delivered in optimal form on all devices. It also includes powerful, built-in tools for search engine optimization.

Wix provides a powerful yet simple backend management system which will allow anyone from a novice to an IT Professional to manage and update the website on the fly. It also provides in-depth analytic tools to view traffic and visitor behavior and integrates with Google Analytics and other third-party analytics tools.

SRC will work with assigned personnel to select a layout from dozens of available Wix templates. SRC will then customize the selected template for your brand to incorporate all of the client's design elements into the new design including logos, images, fonts, color palette, etc. We can even build sites that have multi-language support. We will also work with you to ensure each page of the site incorporates best practices to ensure great search engine optimization results. At the conclusion of the project, SRC will work with your team during an extension testing process to ensure a flawless website launch.

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