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Reyn Deccor is an event stylist company and provides theme-based decor for various events. The company approached us to feature their amazing projects through social media to their desired audience.


We created unique design layouts for their social media feed and illustrated all the pictures of their events in an incredibly coherent and classy manner.
To highlight their work, we created plenty of creative videos and gifs that showcased their fun and understanding nature towards client requirements and steadfast adaptability in their values. Also, we created invites, backdrops, danglers, standees, etc. for their various successful events.

With our photography services, we also photographed their projects to create a cohesive appearance on social media.


Our unique design approach saw them grow on social media and expand their reach to a huge audience. Their following has grown to more than 5,000 new, unique & desired users and has reached to more than 10 Lac people in Gujarat and city of Ahmedabad with an exceptional engagement of 71,600 likes, shares, etc. during our work tenure.

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